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Music For Games Course

Learn how to put your music in games!

I am a Grammy-nominated video game composer and music technical designer. I've designed, composed, implemented, and debugged countless hours of gameplay and cinematics at AAA quality. If you're an aspiring composer that wants to level-up your video game music and tech skills, you've come to the right place!

One-on-one Coaching

  • Learn from a Grammy-nominated Composer.

  • Get individual feedback on your music and projects.

  • Work towards a clear goal.


Music Design

  • Write and implement loops.

  • Learn vertical and horizontal randomness.

  • Understand arrangement switching and layer mixing.

Technical Game-Music Skills

  • Learn industry-standard tools:

    • Game Engines

    • Audio Middleware

    • Visual Scripting

There's a lot more to writing music for games than just...writing music! There's a whole world of knowledge and skills for taking the music you've written and plugging it into the game. Composers who learn these skills will see their music-writing TRANSFORM.

  • Understand the capabilities and limitations of interactive music systems

  • Avoid technical pitfalls that invalidate your music so it has to be scrapped

  • Execute on your musical vision with a high degree of fidelity

How does this course differ from the free Wwise courses from Audiokinetic?

It's worth noting that Audiokinetic provides free instructional materials for Wwise. They're good, I used them to learn, and there's nothing wrong with them! I believe my course justifies its price by offering a few things extra:



Personalized Instruction

One-on-one instruction from me, a Grammy-nominated composer and music tech designer with some industry experience. This component of the course also provides accountability and deadlines to help galvanize students and accelerate learning.


Unreal Engine integration

We don't just learn Wwise! I feel strongly that my students should be practicing with a game engine as early as possible so that we can encounter, be frustrated by, and learn how to fix and conquer common integration issues and bugs, bugs, bugs. When you promote yourself to potential clients, this is huge and cannot be overstated.


Portfolio-ready Game Projects

We use sample projects that can be used to form your demo reels for self-promotion. As someone who has been on the hiring side, I sometimes recognize the Wwise-provided sample projects. This may help you stand out. We will also go through 2-3 different sample projects, not just one.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will learn the principles of game-music integration and be fully-prepared to implement their music into a game using Wwise middleware.

  • Students will learn the various tools provided by Wwise audio middleware to manipulate and augment their music. (i.e. randomness, adaptive musical form, using in-game variables to drive musical changes, etc.)

  • Students will learn how to navigate an industry-standard game engine in order to implement musical functions and events. (Unreal Engine 4, 5)

  • Students will understand specific types of music tracks commonly used in games and how to write in those formats (i.e. gameplay, cinematics, stingers, sequences).

  • Students will learn common in-game dynamic mixing techniques to best showcase various music components during gameplay.

  • Students will demonstrate this knowledge by implementing their own music in sample projects.


Composing Shadowing Sessions

Join me once each month and watch a Grammy-nominated composer score a piece live! Gain insights to improve your own composing, production, and workflow! This is one of the greatest offerings the Music For Games course has to offer!

"In already the small amount of time that I've learned under Peter, I feel like I've learned so much. You won't find a more diligent, gracious, patient, and hardworking teacher that takes time to be as thorough and precise as him. He communicates clearly, sets realistic expectations, and gives so much encouragement at every step of the way. Most importantly, he will devotedly go out of his way to make sure that your needs as a student are met, and goes above and beyond to help in any way he can in order to help you find success."


Special Intro Pricing

The course is currently in-development, and is intended to be priced substantially higher at official launch. As we are currently gathering data on how long it takes most students to complete the material, we do not currently provide an all-at-once pricing option. Anticipated course length is six months. Students may cancel at any time.

Platinum Tutoring


per month


All Full!

  • Attend private lessons with me twice per month, covering sequential lesson material to learn the essentials of Wwise and Unreal integration.

  • Attend monthly Composition Shadowing Sessions with me—watch and learn as I compose live!

  • Join a fun, supportive game composing community.

  • Access to learning materials, including instructional videos, pdfs, etc.

  • Personal feedback each week on projects and music you're working on.

Join Waitlist


Join the Waitlist

I currently don't have any slots available in my teaching schedule. If you'd like to be informed when space opens up, follow the link and fill out the form!

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